Best Point of Sale - POS Software for your Business. Point of Sale - POS Software in Bangladesh

A better way to manage your sales, clients  – on a single platform.
Powerful, affordable & easy to use software for your business.

POS Software Features

Quality software can make your business easy to manage and maximize your profit.

Sales Purchase Management

         Sales  Management

  • New Sales POS
  • Sales List
  • Sales Due List
  •  Purchase Management
  • New Purchase (Buy)
  • Purchase List
  • Purchase Due List

Stock & Others

Inventory Management

Inventory management system is an automation software to track the inventory record, ordering, purchasing. It also maintains the account of supplier & stock level of warehouses. Much reputed organization is using inventory management system to avoid inventory overstock & outage.


Account & Finance Management

Our software accounting  is well planned and with proper implantation, it can handle all aspects of your finance management.

Customer Management

Keep your Customers’ purchase histories. Build entire retailer-customer relationship and create an effective customer loyalty program.

Pricing Table for Point of Sales Software (POS)

Package NameInstallation CostService & Server CostOrder Now
P1: POS Management Besic (Single Store)7,000 TK500 TK / MonthlyOrder Now
P2: POS Management (Electronics shop)20,000 TK3500 TK / YearlyOrder Now
P3: POS Management -(Mobile shop)17,000 TK1000 TK / MonthlyOrder Now
P4: POS Management -(Multi Branch- singale ware house)45,000 TK1999 TK / YearlyOrder Now
P5: POS Management -(Multiple Store) multi warehouse25,000 TK2,000 TK / MonthlyOrder Now
Coustom Software(minimum Budget)40,000 TK10,000 TK / YearlyOrder Now